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Sarah’s artwork represents her deep curiosity regarding the omnipresence of digital media and its impact on our culture. We contribute to and consume this content in an unending loop - interacting instantaneously with endless information is unprecedented in our history; and yet, it is our societal norm. She is inspired by the internet’s ever evolving nuance and niches and investigates viral ideas and imagery, issues of data collection and privacy, and the unique vernacular and colloquialisms of the online world.

It is her opinion that the speed at which this content is created and consumed, and its lack of corporeal existence can prevent an examination of this cultural omnibus. For this reason, Sarah chooses to render these digital concepts in colored pencil, gouache, and marker - to labor over these fleeting ideas gives them presence and permanence and elevates them to the strata of art historical tradition. Creating drawings in a variety of sizes, including at the scale of an iPhone screen, Sarah hopes to compose a body of work that functions as critical snapshots of American culture and opens dialogues about how we consume and interact with digital media.

Sarah Jamison received her BFA in 2010 from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC. In 2017, her work was featured on the Smithsonian's Folklife website as part of the 50th Anniversary of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Sarah's solo exhibition venues include IA&A at Hillyer and Latela Gallery, both in Washington, DC. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions in and outside the metro area and was voted 2018 Best Visual Artist in the Washington City Paper. Sarah continues to live and create in the Nation's Capital.

See Sarah's work and process on the Smithsonian's Folklife Website

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